Improve merchandising and maximize shelf life with our full line of bakery and deli packaging options. Unger carries a full line of cake, cookie, and cupcake boxes along with white, natural kraft, polypropylene, and polyethylene bags to keep your products fresh. Present your product on our trays, boards, doilies, or pasty and baking cups. We also have stock seasonal designs that can decorate your products to help boost holiday sales!
Along with our Bakery, Deli and Coffee shop products we have a full line of carry out containers & custom printed carry out bags. We provide customer printed napkins, paper place mats, sandwich wraps and other printed items to brand your establishment. Not only are our items customizable but they are meant to keep your products fresh and easily transported from your store to home for your customers to enjoy.
Your products take time and precision. At Unger we understand that decorating your product for the perfect presentation is important not only for your reputable product but also for an impulse purchase.  We have a full line of decorative cell-u-wrap, oriented polyprop bags, ribbons, pull bows, and piping bags that will definitely get your customers’ attention and enhance your creations.  
Presentation on a large scale is very important. Unger has cost effective packaging that doubles as presentation for food service.  We have a full line of FDA approved thermoformed cookie trays, sandwich trays,  gold trays, serving utensils and so much more.  Our food service products are quality products coupled with an upscale appearance that is tailored to fit your packaging needs.
We believe in excellence in both quality and service.
October 3-4, 2021
Atlantic City Bakery Expo
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