Fedex services our factory daily. If you request a different carrier, please be aware that you may incur additional charges and/or a delay in shipping.

Shipping/Freight Charges
F.O.B Point is Cleveland, OH.  The shipping weights in this catalog are approximations only. If you do not meet the prepaid minimum estimated freight and billed freight, charges may vary due to carrier fuel surcharges, product density, packaging and dimensional shipping weight. Due to these factors, The Unger Company will not be responsible for the differences between estimated freight quotes and actual billed freight charges. Oversized boxes are billed by dimensional weight per the carrier's specifications. The Unger Company is not responsible for carrier delays.

Third Party Billing
Please indicate on order whether third party account is the distributor's account or the recipient's account.

Lift Gate
Please indicate on order if a lift gate is needed for delivery. This may incur extra charges.

Prepaid Minimum Orders
Warehouse stock orders are F.O.B destination on shipments totaling $525 and $575 (depending on the state), within the continental U.S. via common carrier or standard FedEx ground.
Approximate Shipping Times
Outbound From Cleveland, Ohio 44111

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