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SOS (self-opening style) aka. ABC (auto bottom construction) waxed paper bags are the most commonly used bags amongst the baking and deli industry. Our ABC bags are made of 30 lb. white and kraft paper. These bags are a powerhouse for carry-out from cookies, pastries, donuts, croissants, to deli sandwiches, and burgers, fries, fast food, and so much more. These bags have a protective wax coating to provide superior stain and grease resistance. This will keep your product fresh from the store to home. The self-opening style makes these bags quick and easy to load.  Customize these bags and gain brand recognition.

PBOM (pinch bottom open mouth) bags are perfect for breads, bagettes, French breads, Italian breads, bagels, sour doughs, and rolls.  These bags are available both flat and gussetted. Our pinch bottom bags are made of 30 lb. white machine glazed or kfrat paper.

SOS (self-opening style) aka. ABC (auto bottom construction) paper shopping bags is the green initiative of carry-out bags. These bags are a powerhouse for carry-out from cookie boxes, cake boxes, small party trays. It is multi-functional and very durable. These are easy to load, lift and carry. Custom print these bags and create a walking billboard for your products.

Perfect for Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) fast food salads, pancakes, a stack of pizza slices, or any item that needs to stay flat, With a large, wide, rectangular fl at bottom, the reinforced Die Cut Handle Bag is a unique package for your take-out. And the Self Opening Style (SOS) is a convenience both you and your employees will appreciate.  Available both in white and kraft paper.
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